PRESS RELEASE. It may deliver huge returns — but you can also waste all your money. Objectively, many DeFi projects are a scam, and if they provide dishonest promises or steal your cash you don’t have any way to get your cash back or find the responsible persons. Because of this, the likelihood of becoming wealthy with investing in DeFi are you against.

On the flip side, safe investment such as government bonds or a stock market is also not so interesting. The 3% annual return is interesting simply to pensions capital and old-fashioned investors.

However, these investments are available almost exclusively to those that are already rich — large institutions and high-net-worth individuals. All these are private industrial enterprises in developing countries, early-stage venture funds, etc.. Other stuff, such as DeFi or stock exchange are just phantoms so that ordinary people believe they have the opportunity.

Here we’ve got a problem — you have to invest like the wealthy to become wealthy — but for that you need to become rich in the first location. This is the way the existing elite protects their wealth.

Or shielded up to now. No door can remain closed indefinitely. In the previous 2 years, a powerful financial technology tendency has been building up. An award-winning firm Stobox has been building the method for frequent investors to invest like the rich.

The technology is known as a”security token offering”. A good instance of its amazing applications is it may cut the investment threshold at a venture fund from $1,000,000 to just $500. A great example of such investment would be Igniter 100 STO, organized by Stobox.

Such investments may often outperform stock market 2x normally. This adds up to 16x within the stock exchange in four decades, although the market itself develops.

To become wealthy you need to invest as the rich. Stobox and safety tokens provide you the unique accessibility to this opportunity.


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